Co Lung Duck is a famous native dish of Thai people in Hieu village, Ba Thuoc district. This duck species has a long-standing genetic heritage in Hieu village, then developed and bred to raise in Co Lung commune. It has short legs, a plumed body with brown feathers mixed with black, a short, large neck, and a feather around the neck. white round cavity.

The pure duck breed here has absolutely no odor. When boiled, even without spices, the duck is still fragrant, the meat is sweet, firm, and low in fat.

Co Lung duck meat is often processed into dishes such as boiled, grilled, and roasted. With grilled duck, it is often marinated with ginger, lemongrass, basic spices such as fish sauce, MSG, seasoning powder, and especially mac Khen seeds and honey. In addition, grilled duck with hook honey leaves is a quite famous dish. The duck is marinated evenly, massaged for 30 minutes and then grilled.

If you have the opportunity to visit Pu Luong, try to experience Co Lung duck - this specialty dish here. It won't disappoint, I promise you!